4 Things Only My Husband Can Teach My Boys

 Another day another blog post! I must say, I think that this blog may become almost as therapeutic to me as my crafts. With the cabinet project underway (but still far from finished), I will have a different craft post tomorrow. I had this idea to decorate my kitchen table in under $20 with stuff from HomeGoods (my mother-ship) and Goodwill (a close second). I’m excited to work on that tomorrow and report back tomorrow night! Today, however, I would like to talk about the importance of my husband in the lives of my children.

I have always been blessed to be surrounded by strong men. I am a self-professed daddy’s girl (shout-out to Pat Suiter) who was lucky enough to marry a man similar to my dad. I believe having a strong father (or father figure) is such an important part of any child’s life. In my own experience, my dad taught me kindness, selflessness, and the importance of hard work. Growing up, he was constantly telling me that “sweet words are like a honeycomb.” Not only did he tell me that all of the time, but he lived it. My dad is always going out of his way to be kind to and help others. Kindness and a strong work ethic are just a couple of the many qualities that I see in both my dad and my husband.

There are just some things that I cannot teach my sons on my own. Luckily, they have a strong father who can teach them things I can’t by:

1.  Teaching them how to respect women: I can tell my kids to be kind and respectful to women until I’m blue in the face, but how they decide to behave will largely rely on how they see their father treat me. I can tell them how to act, but he can show them. He can show them how to listen, trust, and respect. He can tell them the importance of being a good husband and partner. He can impart knowledge to them in a way that I simply cannot and I am grateful to have him as my partner in this parenting journey.

2. Showing them the importance of a good work ethic: Though I don’t love having my husband travel all of the time on the railroad, I can never take away the importance of his hard work. He leaves us each week to provide for us. My children have a father who would do anything to give them what they want and need. His example will be so important in showing our sons how to support a family through any means necessary.

3. Having fun with them: Though I fancy myself a fun lady, I know that the fun that I have with my boys is different than the fun they have with their daddy. “Guy time” in our house usually consists of video games, Legos, and dance parties in their underwear. I love watching my boys have fun together. I love that my children have a dad who not only spends time with them, but engages with them and truly cares about every moment they spend together.

4. How to live with integrity. I’ll never forget hearing what integrity meant for the first time, I was a child and my pastor told us that integrity is how you act when no one is looking. Children see things that we do without us even noticing. Luckily, my husband lives his life with integrity. I never have to worry about the choices he makes when the kids are around, because he always makes decisions with their best interests in mind.

Nothing is more important to me or Joel than our kids, I’m so grateful to have a husband who cares about being a good role-model for them as much as I do. I can’t wait to see how these little humans turn out!

Thanks for reading!


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