Springtime and New Hope

Hello all! I know, I know…rule #1 of starting a new blog…don’t leave it without a new post for a month! My bad. To be honest, there are two reasons I haven’t blogged lately…and no, I’m not quitting! The first reason was that I got totally immersed in my cabinet project. It was all I thought about! SUCH a big project, and thisclose to being finished. I have to hang one more cabinet (I dropped the screw down a hole) and I have to paint my pantry door (should be finished this weekend). The cabinet project was not without its setbacks…the color was too white and I ended up needing four coats of paint plus a topcoat…so yes, it took a lot of time! The second reason I have been away is very different…

As you can tell from my first post, I have postpartum OCD. OCD isn’t simply something that is quickly cured with a couple trips to therapy and medicine. It lingers. Mine lingers. My thoughts go wild. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me much anymore, but every once in a while I have a setback. My therapist expects it, that doesn’t make it easier. I wish, wish, wish my biggest worry was Easton eating day-old Cheerios off of the floor (yum), but that doesn’t make me flinch. My OCD forces my mind to think of the worst case scenario in every situation. I think of accidents: what if my car slides off of the road and goes into the river. How do I get both of the kids out? What if I get one out and the other one gets carried away with the current? I think of people from the news: those parents abused their child by doing x,y, and z…what if I become like that?! (Those are the thoughts that get my anxiety the most worked up). My therapist can’t tell me why I worry about doing things that are out of my character, just that my mind simply thinks up worst case scenarios and my OCD mind needs to find ways to keep the kids safe. I know…this illness is exhausting. Thoughts that would slide off of someone else’s back simply because they are extreme and ridiculous make me cry for hours…sometimes because the thought breaks my heart, and other times because I wish I wasn’t like this anymore. I never used to be like this, but now I am.

I’m doing better today than I have been doing the past couple days. So I wanted to put together a little post about a spring table. My dining room table needed something on it, but I couldn’t seem to find the “perfect” decor. This week, however, I was able to find some things that make me happy with my spring-themed table. Below is a larger picture of what my whole set-up looks like along with some tips for table decorating!

 Spring Table Decorating Tips:

  • Pick a bright color to make you decor “pop”
  • Sprinkle in subtle neutral colors too
  • Buy even if the color is wrong (my candle holder was a natural wood finish, nothing a quick coat of paint couldn’t fix!)
  • Pick a few nice things to avoid cluttering (I really debated adding more, glad I didn’t’!)
  • Pick pieces with dual purposes (the little flowers are salt and pepper shakers! 
  • Buy and try…and return if it doesn’t work! Ha!

Thank you all for reading! I promise to keep up better from now on! I will be working on a spray paint project this weekend!

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