The Big Reveal!

 It’s FINALLY finished! As many of you know, half of the reason I started this blog was to share my crafts with everyone…well, my first big blog project is finally finished! I love, love, LOVE how they turned out! I used a Rust-Oleum cabinet kit to do this project. I started out using the “Linen” colored kit, but after the two coats that it calls for, my cabinets were not completely covered and they were too white. I took my cabinet into the Home Depot that I brought the kit from, and they kindly gave me a new free kit in “Quilter’s White”. The kit was free because the color on the swatch looked nothing like the color that my cabinets turned out. After applying two more coats, my cabinets were finally the right color…one coat of topcoat and they were perfect! I HIGHLY recommend a Rust-Oleum restoration kit if you are going to redo your cabinets, BUT be careful…if you choose to do them a light color you may need to buy two kits (they do not sell separate cans of the paint).

To do my cabinets I had to:
  1. Remove all doors and hardware. Make SURE to number your doors….also don’t forget that they are numbered if you start moving them around (I kept forgetting my number stickers everywhere, made for an interesting install!)
  2. Clean all doors and cabinets with lint-free towel.
  3. Scrub cabinets and doors with deglosser (you do this instead of sanding…however I did end up sanding a little).
  4. Wash cabinets down again with lint free towel and water.
  5. Apply bond coat (paint). They say you should only need two, I needed 4.
  6. Apply topcoat.
  7. Let dry 24 hours then rehang doors and enjoy!

 I really love how this project turned out, however it was VERY time consuming! If you have a lot of patience (and extra time) it is a really cheap way to redo your kitchen! I’m looking forward to getting our new counters and backsplash in, then our little kitchen remodel will be complete!

Thanks for reading!


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