Canvas: My Favorite Way to Decorate

Monday marks the 1 month anniversary of the blog’s re-launch and I couldn’t be more excited! With the help of my friend, Lauren, we’ve been able to reach over 10,000 views this month! Now that I’ve told everyone who will read my deepest and darkest secrets, I figured I would share some of my decorating style with ya’all! So, here’s a little bit about my style and my taste…

I LOVE canvas pictures and artwork! It’s everywhere in my home! I have a floral canvas picture in my entryway, as shown below. I love how it pulls together the side table below it. I’ve picked out a picture of each of our children to place in a frame. I’ve also put 3 flowers, 1 for each child in my painted bottle or “vase.” I also included the “&” to show that they are all connected. Every time I come into my home, I’m reminded of the people who live with me that fill our house with love.

Canvas pictures of my children are hanging in my playroom, which is the room directly off of my entryway. In my playroom, I used one of my favorite methods of hanging canvas pictures, which is attaching thick twine to each canvas (either by hot glue or small tack) and hanging it off of decorative knobs. My favorite knobs are sold at Hobby Lobby, either at store or online (always buy when they’re 50% off or use a 40% off coupon). I love how this room combines all of my children as well as fun colors and an “arrow” theme (I will be sharing more of this room next week).

I also have canvas pictures hanging in my living room. Above the fireplace I have a flowered  canvas painting. I love the way that the paint on the canvas has texture and depth. Next to my stairwell I have a canvas collage of my wedding pictures that my husband made. Above it I’ve put a beautiful ornate wooden piece. I love mixing canvas pieces with decorative accents.

There are a couple of different ways to make sure that canvas pictures stay straight. At a local craft store, it was recommended that I use Scotch rubber pads (like you use on cabinets) to keep my canvas pictures straight. I used them on some, but was not completely happy with the results (the pictures get crooked often). I would recommend using adhesive putty to keep canvas pictures straight.

I hope this gives everyone some ideas about different ways to use canvas on their walls or at least gives some insight into the personal style of the girl who you’ve been reading about!

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